Water Right Development

Water is an increasingly valuable and scarce natural resource.  The Kansas Division of Water Resources (DWR) has set conversion values for transferring water rights from irrigation to other uses such as stockwater or industrial.  This conversion typically results in a substantial (~40%) reduction in the appropriated volume of water.  DWR does however allow the applicant to conduct an engineering analysis to determine if a greater volume can be transferred for a specific water right.  KLA Environmental Services, Inc. is the only firm that has successfully completed these studies. 

These studies have been completed for water being transferred from irrigation to stockwatering for feedlot and dairy expansion projects. In addition, a study has successfully been conducted for irrigation water being transferred for industrial use at an ethanol plant. On average, this study has helped clients retain 12% more water than would have been received through the normal conversion process. Contact Frank Mercurio for more information.

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