Phred Phosphorus Reduction System

KLA Environmental Services, Inc. and DT Search and Designs, LLC formed Kansas Environmental Management Associates, LLC (KEMA) in 2006. KEMA's patented Phosphorus Reduction (Phred™) system is designed to serve the waste management needs of livestock farms, and can also be of service to other industries that manage wastewater containing phosphorus.  Such industries include meat packing, municipalities, ethanol plants, and others. KEMA harnessed the engineering expertise of the Advanced Manufacturing Institute at Kansas State University to research, develop, and commercialize this innovative technology.  Phred™ is a simple, robust, easy to operate waste treatment system that reduces wastewater phosphorus concentrations by up to 60%.  Phred™ is fully automated and designed to operate at high flow rates (600 gpm) with minimal labor inputs.

To learn more about Phred™, please visit: or contact Frank Mercurio for more information.



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