Comprehensive Facility Assessment

KLA Environmental Services, Inc. can perform an evaluation of a confined animal feeding facility which is often requested prior to a change in ownership. Our facility assessment process includes a thorough review of site conditions and research of records that pertain to accepted industry practice, environmental compliance, and other regulatory concerns. One important area that is often overlooked is the status of the water rights for the facility. It is not uncommon for a livestock feeding facility to have water rights that are insufficient to support the maximum feeding capacity or to have discrepancies in the perfected water rights that limit access to water. We also review the Nutrient Management Plan for the feeding facility. This Plan has been a regulatory requirement since 2007. Many facilities still do not have approved Nutrient Management Plans or have Plans that are not feasible to implement.

Analyses, findings and recommendations are summarized in a comprehensive report. This report also includes maps, photos, and other supporting documentation. Our services include a meeting with the client to deliver and explain the report and answer questions.

We do not evaluate the mechanical or electrical systems used in the feed mill or related facilities. If such an evaluation is desired, we recommend that qualified millwrights or equipment manufacturers be retained for this purpose. Contact Frank Mercurio for more information.

Facility Assessment

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